Kinson Lai

Kinson sees his relationships with clients as a second family. By working to establish a personal connection with his clients and understanding their unique needs, Kinson believes that the best financial advice is based on integrity and trust. His focus on relationships and family wealth planning allows him to provide meaningful insight to busy clients […]

Edmond Ng

自2009 開始在保險與投資業務具有多年資歷的Edmond是一位優秀的理財專家。他專精於如何有效的保障金融投資組合,資產規劃以及如何分散投資風險。他尤其熱衷於幫助客戶降低投資風險,使他們可以高枕無憂。Edmond主要的服務對象包括高科技從業人員、年輕的家庭以及小型生意業主。他同時也熱衷參與培植業界新人。他親力親為的作風同時展現在工作以及高爾夫球場上。

Charmy Zhao

深耕投資分析領域超過15年,尤其擅長整體市場分析及資產配置。她重點為客戶提供安全的資產增值、遺產及稅務策劃服務。 “客戶第一“及”順勢而為”是她的服務理念。

Darren Ku

For young investors who have just taken their first steps towards their career, how can they be sure they start with their best foot forward? Having been in those same shoes before, Darren is not only passionate about starting off aspiring professionals on the right track, but ensuring that they stay on it long term. […]

Mary Chik

Mary 熱衷於金融素養及教育。所謂萬事起頭的確難,對於年輕的專業人士來說,在財富管理時往往遇到最多困難,當中包括如何分別先後次序及設定目標。但在「什麼」和「如何」之間,我們必須了解「為何」。畢竟,真正的財富不能只用金錢衡量,當中的過程也是很重要的。

Shaun Cui

Specializing in life and health insurance, debt management, long-term budgeting, strategic investment strategy and charitable gift planning, Shaun is passionate about helping families build their futures by developing unique, feasible, and successful wealth creation saving plans. His extensive expertise in insurance and investment vehicles is an invaluable asset in helping families protect their wealth and […]

Eric Hsiao

With a background that includes working with some of Canada’s leading financial institutions credit unions, Ken leads the financial strategies and generational wealth transfer solutions of more than 300 Canadian families. He also has extensive experience in the insurance, investment, and credit industry, and leverages this insight to provide a comprehensive approach to financial planning. […]

Ken Tsai

With over a decade of experience as a Tax School Instructor, US Tax Spokesperson, and Corporate Tax Specialist, Ken’s extensive knowledge of both Canadian and US taxation planning is unmatched. As a cross-border tax specialist, he provides his clients with sophisticated investment advice, retirement planning, tax strategy, ISO Quality Auditing, and FDA 510K Medical Device […]

Gary Ng

自2000 年起Gary 以他在國際資金市場所累積的多重資歷,幫助了無數客戶達到他們理想的致富目標。雖然他善於規畫各種投資方案,但他最引以為傲的是運用創新的方法幫助客戶保障既有的財富,同時又能在退休後生活無憂。

Nelson Fan, CFP

從2003 年大學畢業之後成為理財顧問的Nelson,專精於針對不同的個人需求為客戶提供一種全面性的理財規劃。他量身訂造的理財方案在過去已經幫助不下數百個家庭找出可以讓他們高枕無憂的退休方案。